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  • Teramind Foundations

Teramind Foundations - Introductory Course provides an in-depth introduction to the Teramind software. Completion of this course is required in order to enroll in other Teramind Academy courses.

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Who can take these courses?

The Teramind Certification courses are for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Teramind Suite. From first-time users to seasoned Teramind administrators and even partners, the Teramind Academy offers coursework that helps every level of user learn how to apply the Teramind functions and features to get the most out of the software. 

How much do the courses cost?

We want all users to be able to unlock the full potential of the Teramind suite so we offer all of our courses and certifications free of charge. 

Are there any requirements in order to enroll in the courses?

It depends on the course! Some of our courses will be available to anyone while enrolling in others will require you to be an active customer or part of our partner program. Other than being an active member of the Teramind community, completing our first course, Teramind Foundations - Introductory is required in order to enroll in any other courses added to our course catalog. 

Do you offer webinar sessions?

Yes, we offer weekly live webinar sessions every Tuesday at 11am EST. The weekly webinar sessions include an introduction to the software and answer any questions you may have about deploying the software or its capabilities. You can sign up for a webinar by visiting this website.

How long do courses take to complete?

The length of the course depends on the course’s subject content. Our courses are on-demand on your schedule and you’re free to begin, pause and finish them at your own pace. 

Do the classes require any other in-course purchases?

Not at all. All of the reference material our courses require are provided within the course including downloadable reading materials, video tutorials and other visual aids. 

How are the courses delivered?

Courses can be accessed for free through this online platform. You’ll be able to complete the courses on your own schedule at your own convenience. You’ll be able to pick up where you left off in the course as long as you save before exiting the course. 

Will more courses be added to the store?

Yes! We’re working hard to expand our course selection. In order to take advantage of any additional courses added to the store, you’ll have to successfully complete Teramind Foundations - Introductory Course.

Can I sign into the learning portal using my Teramind credentials?

Yes, you will be able to log-in using your Teramind credentials.

Where can I go if I have questions?

We’re always here to help with any questions you may have. If you have questions about Teramind Academy or the software in general, please contact us here. Alternatively, you can always visit our Help Center for more information.

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